Amnesty International Magazine | Homegrown Progress

Turkish human rights defender Cânân Arin takes a bricks-and-mortar approach to building a movement for women's rights.

Cânân Arin casually shrugs when describing the occupational hazards of being a leading women's rights advocate in Turkey. A few years ago, Arin recalls, a doctor in Istanbul survived a beating from her husband that left her spine broken in three places. When Arin helped the doctor initiate divorce proceedings, the abuser came after her as well.

"He threatened me, he tried to bribe me, he tried everything against me because there was no way to break me," says Arin, a lawyer who has pioneered the movement to provide shelter and legal services for domestic violence victims in Turkey. An unfaltering, powerful woman of 63, Arin knew she was the last line of defense for the woman; her family had turned her away and her abuser had evaded jail by paying a $2 fine.

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Amnesty International Magazine | Creating Hope: Bosnia Ten Years Later

Two summers ago, irma Vatric, a young Muslim survivor of the Bosnian conflicy, learned that her participation in a youth program would involve working alongside Serb teens to organize a field trip for orphans. She agreed to go but said she would not speak to the youth team leaders from "the other side."

"She ended up in a conversation with a Serb girl who had spend many years during the war in a basement, just as she had," said Kate Chumley, Bosnia Projects Co-Director for the Children's Movement for Creative Education (CMCE), based in New York City. "It was an emotional moment, and both felt like [reconciliation] is possible."

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Amnesty International Magazine | The Pinochet Precedent

The Chilean Supreme Court's decision to try August Pinochet put human rights violators on notice that judgment may yet come knocking on their doors. Pinochet was formall charged in January with one murder and nine kidnappings in a lawsuit brought against him by victims' families.

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Amnesty International Magazine | Death Penalty on Trial

Political debate over capital punishment is dividing New York state lawmakers. Governor George Pataki reinstated the death penalty in 1995 to fulfill a campaign promise, but in June the state's Court of Appeals ruled one of the sentencing guidelines unconstitutional.

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Amnesty International Magazine - Rewind

Don't feel bad if you didn't know that the United Nations International Decade of the World's Indigenous People ends in December. The United Nations is considering a repeat performance due to criticism it made little progress in advancing indigenous rights since 1995, although it did establish the Permanent Forum for Indigenous Issues. Marcos Matias Alonso, a Mexican forum member of Nahuatl descent, referred to decade as a "relative failure."

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Amnesty International Magazine - Afghanistan Unveiled

When the Taliban was in power, most of the women who filmed Afghanistan Unveiled could barely leave their homes, let alone study or work. But in 2002, the young documentarians - some still teenagers - traveled across mountains, rivers, and deserts to make the first film by and about Afghan women.

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